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Angela Chang - Director - Contracts

Twenty years ago few women entered the building construction industry in Singapore. But it was the beginning of a successful career for Angela Chang who decided to study building management at Singapore Polytechnic, followed by a degree in construction management, where she majored in quantity surveying. Having started her working career as a quantity surveyor, Angela worked her way up to overseeing large projects. In doing so, she gained an excellent understanding of projects, so that she can support Space Matrix’s core business by pre-empting and resolving potential hindrances, and ensuring that projects are constructed to budget by keeping every stage on financial track.

 A typical week sees Angela having to manage resources and timelines, solving problems and meeting project requirements, meeting customer expectations, and ensuring that the company meets the required margin and client meets their budget. She has produced some notable successes in her portfolio, and Angela relishes the challenges her work brings. She enjoys meeting different end users from various places and cultures, negotiating different building codes in the different countries and understanding how to apply them without compromising the design.