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Sachin Boradia - Director - West India

Very much the visionary, Sachin chose a career in design because he wanted to help build environments that could promote change, and influence human well-being and creativity. In his role in Space Matrix Sachin delivers strong design skills that include focused space planning and conceptualisation, as well as a flair for creative problem solving often using technology driven solutions. With nearly 20 years experience in design strategy, business development – including a strong aptitude for building long-term client relationships to ensure 100% satisfaction – Sachin has demonstrated his value over numerous projects.
He began his career with a BA in Architecture and an ambitious, positive outlook that has taken him far. His dedication and drive to produce the best possible solutions are undoubtedly kept motivated through his down-time interests in yoga and spirituality, and a keen interest in philosophy. Sachin’s ambition is to take on an increasingly central role in thought leadership within the company, driving the resolution of complex projects through simplified approaches.