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Uday Shankar - Director ­ International Clients Solutions

Speed and technology are two of the important things that motivate and drive Udaya in his life. He chose his career because he liked the idea of “speed to reality” in the design and implementation process, and is excited by the “energy and speed” in his field of work as Director of International Client Solutions in Space Matrix. This passion has led Udaya to be recognised as a thought leader with unparalleled knowledge of and innovative ideas in workplace design and execution. His colleagues believe this is due to a disruptive mind that can look beyond trends, coupled with an extensive knowledge of global markets, client business, and emerging social, economic trends that have enabled him to influence and spearhead new ideas in the workplace design sector.

With a degree in architecture and an INSEAD certificate in business acumen, Udaya has used his skills and drive to power a varied design career over the past 16 years. He has steered everything from workplace design, project and construction management, integrating engineering and technology into the workplace; and if that’s not enough, Udaya has specialised in sustainable, green workplace design, and spearheaded innovative ideas to develop and use new products in workplace design and construction. He believes that by adopting new technologies, efficiencies will increase, and we can build smarter environments.