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Space as a service: The onset of a real estate revolution

Commercial & residential areas are no longer just real estate assets and are seen more as a service that caters to the changing needs of non-traditional lifestyles. Find out more about the space-as-a-service model.


Modern office design and gender inclusivity

Back in 1997, a female British police officer was stabbed and killed in the line of duty. She had removed her protective armour to be able to operate a hydraulic ram to enter a flat. The standard issue body armour did not fit the female officer well and made it difficult for her to operate the ram whilst wearing it. This preventable tragedy is one example of the data gap that discounts the presence of women in workplaces – and the dangerous consequences it sometimes leads to.


How a leading global software corporation in Chengdu embraces an active workstyle

Known for developing breakthrough IT solutions, Chengdu keeps employee health and wellness at the core of their workplace design. Find out how their workplace strategy keeps their workforce going.

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