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Vanke’s contemporary  workspace

Work and beyond: Vanke’s move from a traditional office to a contemporary workspace

Firms like Vanke have too many business interests for the work roles to fit into traditional definitions. That’s why Vanke’s leadership team wanted a workplace strategy that would attract young talent, reflect diverse roles, and promote collaboration.

Technology can be linked to workplace wellbeing in a direct and definitive way.

How technology can ensure workplace wellbeing in a post-lockdown world

Technology and workplace wellbeing do not usually come together, but in the post-lockdown world, traditional wellness offerings will no longer suffice. Here are 4 major ways in which technology will shape workplace wellbeing within this new normal.

 post-pandemic workplace and culture will see many millennial values being adopted by the entire workforce

The post-pandemic impact on work culture: How Millennials and Gen Z are inspiring firms to address workforce concerns and spark loyalty

For several years now, employers have looked to younger employees to help workplaces evolve. In the post-pandemic workplace, the changes that they have espoused are transcending generational barriers, impacting workplace culture and sparking loyalty

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