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Space Matrix's cutting-edge office interior design

How tech companies are embracing tech in their space to create the office of the future

Technological innovation has been a relentless force in transforming modern workplaces. Leading tech firms, for example, are constructing smart offices to explore the limits of integrating workplace design with digital innovations.

Co-working office design in Asia by Space Matrix

How co-working spaces are disrupting Asia's commercial real estate Industry

Imagine arriving at your office building in the morning, where a friendly concierge greets you by name as you stroll past a keycard security checkpoint. On your way to a desk of your choosing, you swing by the dining area for a fresh cappuccino and some cookies. Midway through the day you relocate to the building’s rooftop atrium for some fresh air ahead of a client meeting.


5 office design strategies for keeping employees happy and productive

If your company doesn’t have the right office environment, it can be very difficult to keep employees satisfied and motivated.

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