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Gen Z and millennials prefer flexible work styles that enable remote working and office design trends are reflecting this

The rise of the digital nomad: How remote work is changing office design

As millennial employees make the shift towards a more nomadic work style, brands are nurturing wanderlust and travel right at the office with the help of workplace strategy. Here's how Space Matrix is leveraging this trend.

Green buildings and biophilia offer a new perspective to office interior design

How Ecological Handprints Rally The Workforce Around Sustainability

Innovation at the workplace not only means sustainable design, but it also means a workforce that focuses on increasing its ecological handprint.

Co-living spaces are disrupting Asia’s real estate industry with a new way to look at modern office design

3 reasons why co-living spaces are finding takers in Asia’s economic hubs

With Asia’s economic growth speeding up, co-living has become the latest addition to the space-as-a-service revolution.

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