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Workspace design for employee engagement

Wellness in every sense: Northern Trust’s multi-sensory office design approach

How can you make your workspace more immersive & inclusive? Northern Trust did this through a multi-sensory office design approach, whereby their office design was built around the five senses. Find out more.

Innovative office design by Space Matrix

4 ways thebridge @ Ascendas Innovation Plaza, Shanghai is more than just a space to work from

The microwave, the Velcro fastener, corn flakes and dynamites all have one thing in common. They were all invented by accident. In fact, a study of European patents found that over 50% of inventions came about quite by chance.

Office design for workplace engagement

Space as a service: The onset of a real estate revolution

Commercial & residential areas are no longer just real estate assets and are seen more as a service that caters to the changing needs of non-traditional lifestyles. Find out more about the space-as-a-service model.

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