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Nissan Digital's workspace created by Space Matrix

Stop and stare: How Nissan Digital’s International Hub wows with its workspace design strategy

To enable a massive digital technology transformation, Nissan recently set up a global digital base in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This international hub will let the company provide cutting-edge user experiences, improve its product development capabilities and sharpen its focus on automobile security and connectivity.

Nutanix's commercial workspace design by Space Matrix

Leading by example: Nutanix Singapore's sustainability-focused workspace design

Modern firms are moving away from a solely profit-driven outlook, and are realising the importance of business operations that are sustainable over the long term. Nutanix is one such future-focused company that recognises the importance of weaving sustainability in with everything they do.

Polestar's innovative office design by Space Matrix

Fast forward to the future: How innovation drives Polestar's office design

With technology and design evolving at breakneck speed, staying relevant in an ever-changing market is no mean feat. As most companies realise, future-readiness is the key to success. Being future-ready however, is not just about the products you create it should also be reflected in the space you work in.

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