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For the corporate office design at Hilton Singapore, Space Matrix looked at hospitality trends for inspiration

11 workplace design concepts in Asia you need to see

With most people spending a good chunk of their days in the workplace, office interior design can make a big difference in motivating employees and improving productivity. Take a look at the novel office design trends and concepts that companies are turning to as we move towards 2020

Spencer Ogden’s Hong Kong workspace design blends its company’s global aesthetic with the local culture

A homage to Hong Kong: The cultural significance of Spencer Ogden’s office design

Even the most global companies consider the local context when approaching office design. Here’s how Spencer Ogden’s Hong Kong workspace blends their corporate office design aesthetics and local culture.

The Space Matrix Shanghai office interior is designed to be sustainable

3 things that happen when designers design their own office space

When Space Matrix Shanghai decided to revamp their office interiors, they put their best designers on the task. Here’s what happened.

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