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Space Matrix's workplace strategy developed for Hilton Singapore

4 major hospitality trends and how they are translated to Hilton’s office space design

Hilton has consistently set new benchmarks for luxury in hospitality in the last century. As the brand entered its 100th year, we translated the emerging trends in the hospitality industry into the office design for its new workspace in Singapore.

Space Matrix's workplace strategy developed for TransUnion

TransUnion: Creating a credit-worthy workspace

When we got the opportunity to work with TransUnion to create a new office design concept in Chennai, we decided to make its goal, Information for Good™, the basis of its workplace strategy.

Diginex's cutting-edge office interior design in Hong Kong

What your workplace design says about you: Diginex’s Brand Story

Clients, investors and potential employees glean a lot about a firm from the first time they step into its office. Diginex, a global fintech leader headquartered in Hong Kong, let its pioneering vision and collaborative, transformational energy come through in its office design.

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