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Biophilic corporate office design by Space Matrix

For the love of nature: The biophilic office design trend in modern workplaces

The sound of ocean waves, the serene view of leaves dancing in the wind, the refreshing feeling of dipping your feet into a pool – these are just a few experiences that have universal appeal.


Establishing a brand’s values in an office space

What does a movie theatre, a bar and a party all have in common? You are likely to find Coca-Cola at all of them.

Modern office design for ServiceNow by Space Matrix

How ServiceNow’s modern office design created a fun and inspiring space

People spend one-third of their days at work – usually more. But what makes all the difference is not the hours they put in, but the work that they do. Think of spending a third of your day doing something you’re passionate about, something that drives you.

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