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How we interpreted Li & Fung’s futuristic goals through their innovative office design

Hundreds of brands and retailers, thousands of vendors, millions of consumer goods ­– all connected, mobilised and effortlessly managed. At Li & Fung, the process of supply chain management has been perfected to an art – and it continues to evolve, year on year.


Acoustic Furniture: The Silent Trend in Workspaces

With 70% of employees working out of open offices in the U.S. alone, such workspaces are more a norm than a trend. While they cater to the needs of a fast-changing workforce, the flipside becomes all too apparent when one has a report to turn in and needs to engage in some focussed work.


5 ways Millennials are reshaping office design

Traditional office design is rapidly taking a backseat to allow for more modern and innovative workspaces. What is driving this change? A new research report by Space Matrix reveals how rising numbers of Millennials in the workplace is contributing to the evolution of office design

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