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Innovative office design concepts by Space Matrix

7 interior office design concepts in Asia you need to see

With most people spending a good chunk of their days in the workplace, office interior design can make a big difference in motivating employees and improving productivity. Many companies are turning to novel concepts for office design, such as open-concept spaces and nature-inspired elements.

Creative workplace design at Autodesk Bangalore

Autodesk Bangalore: fueling their ‘Make Anything’ spirit through workplace design

As India’s IT hub, Bangalore is home to R&D and tech organisations, including software company Autodesk. While the company creates software that helps people make things with ease and efficiency, it also prides itself on smart, innovative solutions.

Innovative office design company in Singapore

4 things to consider when hiring an office design company in Singapore

As real estate prices in Singapore fluctuate and organisations understand how the office space can add value to the employee experience, there is greater demand for office design services.

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