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Co-working office design by Space Matrix

5 startup office design elements that help companies gear up for success

Modern startups are breaking down traditional hierarchies. Get to know the major startup office design elements that are required for every successful office.


Home sweet work: The rise of resimercial office design

Your laptop is fully charged, your favourite playlist is on. You sink back into the soft sofa, grabbing an extra cushion for comfort. On the shelves behind you are postcards highlighting all your travel goals. When you get thirsty, you head into the kitchen.

Biophilic corporate office design by Space Matrix

For the love of nature: The biophilic office design trend in modern workplaces

The sound of ocean waves, the serene view of leaves dancing in the wind, the refreshing feeling of dipping your feet into a pool – these are just a few experiences that have universal appeal.

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