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Space Matrix Garage Society

3 ways Garage Society’s new office design is redefining co-working spaces

When it comes to co-working spaces in Hong Kong, the competition is stiff with 283 such spaces. Generally, the battle has been between rising office space costs and the ability to build creative working environments. For Garage Society, they have consistently stood out from the crowd through their modern and innovative designs -- breaking away from traditional office layouts.

Creative office design for work and leisure at Eaton Club

Eaton Club Hong Kong: Creating a hybrid space where work meets leisure

In Hong Kong’s competitive commercial real estate market, co-working space providers are adding new features to attract prospective users to their property. So when Eaton Club decided to launch a fintech hub and social work club, it worked with Space Matrix to create an exclusive office-cum-leisure space.

Commercial interior design solutions in Hong Kong

Commercial office design in Hong Kong: 5 themes that will stand out in 2018

Hong Kong is no doubt a bustling metropolis of gleaming skyscrapers that has been attracting organisations to set up regional offices. In particular, Mainland Chinese companies took up a record 43% of new commercial leases in Hong Kong’s Central last year.

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