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The post-pandemic tech workplace will focus on flexibility, wellbeing and culture.

Flexibility, wellbeing and culture — What the post-pandemic tech workplace will focus on

What does the post-pandemic tech workplace look like? The need to weave flexibility and agility into the business and keep their workforce productive is shaping some interesting workplace trends.

Space Matrix Beta Lab is a new workplace concept

Welcome to the Space Matrix Beta Lab: Explore | Experiment | Evolve your workplace at our workplace

The Space Matrix [β] Lab is our brand new, eclectic workplace incubator lab that brings together art, science and design to envision the workplace of the future. This is where we test out new technology, experiment with different work cultures and work styles, and constantly learn, evolve and grow.

Space Matrix focussed on creating the best workplace design for Rubrik India that would cater to the wellbeing of its employees and achieve sustainability objectives

All’s well that works WELL: Rubrik India’s tools for embracing wellness and sustainability

Take a look at the new workplace concept we created for Rubrik India, which encompasses design elements, HVAC, energy and workplace environment choices that helped it get WELL® and LEED® certified.

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