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A look at workspaces that foster communities

Breakfast with your friend at that new café before work, a stroll in the park during your coffee break, a quick gym session with your workout buddies in the evening, and a fancy dinner date with your spouse – work-life balance doesn’t get better than that!


Home sweet work: The rise of resimercial office design

Your laptop is fully charged, your favourite playlist is on. You sink back into the soft sofa, grabbing an extra cushion for comfort. On the shelves behind you are postcards highlighting all your travel goals. When you get thirsty, you head into the kitchen.


Hygge: Where wellness meets workplace engagement

In a world where long hours and sleep deprivation are the norm, and constant hustle is essential to workplace success, stress, anxiety and career burnout are at an all-time high. Those who have felt the adverse effects of this always-on economy are turning to one of the happiest nations in the world for inspiration – Denmark

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