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Legato's workplace - efficient teamwork and employee engagement with its spaces

How Legato's workplace supports efficient teamwork and employee engagement with its spaces

Workplace design plays an imperative role in supporting efficient teamwork. It also facilitates better employee engagement that ultimately impacts business growth. Find out how.

team neighborhoods in office

Why are team neighborhoods equally important as meeting rooms?

Gone are the days of too many closed conference rooms. Leveraging in-between spaces at the workplace for impromptu huddles and meetings is now facilitating better productivity and an atmosphere that empowers the workforce. Let’s see how workplace design plays a pivotal road in building team neighborhoods.

Many Faces of Successful Collaboration

Successful collaboration has many faces

Collaboration is becoming more multi-dimensional as nature of work evolves. There is a renewed focus on different spaces that bring people together - creating a range of flexible settings that allow people to collaborate and aiding them with tools to get their work done efficiently. That’s where workplace design comes into picture to strike the perfect balance between private and open spaces so people can choose a spot that matches their working needs.

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