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Social club and coworking space 1880 in Singapore is designed to spark conversation

From coworking spaces to coworking communities: Here’s how design is shaping this shift

As coworking spaces evolve, they are looking towards spatial design to become welcoming, community-oriented spaces, while amplifying productivity and innovation.

RBL's innovative workplace strategy by Space Matrix

The importance of micro neighbourhoods within the office: A look at RBL’s unique workplace strategy

When RBL approached us to design and build their office space in Gurgaon, we realised that a single, homogenous brand experience would not work. We knew this office would need to be much more dynamic if it were to represent all that RBL stands for.

Workspace design for employee engagement

Wellness in every sense: Northern Trust’s multi-sensory office design approach

How can you make your workspace more immersive & inclusive? Northern Trust did this through a multi-sensory office design approach, whereby their office design was built around the five senses. Find out more.

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