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Space Matrix's office interior design for Microsoft Taipei

Microsoft’s Taipei office: workplace design for a strong culture

When Microsoft transcended into a new generation of innovations, they wanted an office that encapsulated this refreshed design thinking - one which humanises technology and innovation.

Co-working spaces design for Bridge by Space Matrix

thebridge to the future: connecting diverse and collaborative business communities

Traditional office designs are often rigid and segmented, leading to uninspiring work conditions, and thus, a lack of efficiency and output. Whereas, modern work cultures are built on improvisation and collaboration. To reflect this, workspaces have to be designed to be agile, flexible and inclusive.

Aesthetic commercial office design by Space Matrix

1880: Changing the world, one conversation at a time

Marc Nicholson, the man behind the members’ club 1880, has been a Singapore resident for the last 15 years. He had carried the idea of a members’ club that he wanted to create into a worldwide brand. In fact, he conceptualised the idea during his time in London in the 90s, where he was blown away with the fantastic aesthetics and business model of SoHo House.

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