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Join us on the Space Matrix workplace design journey over the last 20 years.

20 years of workplace design: The Space Matrix journey

Right from the 2000s, when office casual was beginning to make an impact, to the 2020s where well-being and choice-driven workplaces are becoming the norm, the workplace has changed a lot over the years. Trace the evolution of the workplace in the past 20 years, with Space Matrix.

Neuroscience can help us infuse positivity into your workplace design

5 neuroscientific ways to infuse positivity into your workplace design

Positive emotions have been shown to enhance creativity, improve innovative thinking and heighten one’s ability to make better decisions. In a joint report with our partner IA Interior Architects, we looked at several neuroscientific ways to design positivity into the workplace.

Space Matrix Beta Lab is a new workplace concept

Welcome to the Space Matrix Beta Lab: Explore | Experiment | Evolve your workplace at our workplace

The Space Matrix [β] Lab is our brand new, eclectic workplace incubator lab that brings together art, science and design to envision the workplace of the future. This is where we test out new technology, experiment with different work cultures and work styles, and constantly learn, evolve and grow.

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