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Singapore’s evolving financial industry calls for a change in workplace strategy

3 trends affecting the finance industry workforce in Singapore and how office design is helping organisations adapt

Singapore’s financial industry is leveraging office design and workplace technology that enable young, remote teams to collaborate and focus on high-value projects.

Social club and coworking space 1880 in Singapore is designed to spark conversation

From coworking spaces to coworking communities: Here’s how design is shaping this shift

As coworking spaces evolve, they are looking towards spatial design to become welcoming, community-oriented spaces, while amplifying productivity and innovation.

Young Millennials in Delhi and NCR are exploring shared living and office spaces

Shared spaces and career success: How the two are linked in the Delhi/NCR region

As young Indian students and professionals move to big cities like New Delhi for better opportunities, coworking and co-living spaces are exploring new business models and workplace strategies

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