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Sustainability in the workplace: A brighter tomorrow, today

Let your workplace contribute positively to the mental and physical well-being of your employees, with a sustainable environment as Gartner, Gurguam

The workplace design for Arisaig Partners created by Space Matrix resulted in the physical and mental well-being of their employees

Workplace 3.0: A rare opportunity for leaders to engage with employees

Want to retain employees at your firm? Space Matrix’s strategy for Workplace 3.0 provides the firms with a rare opportunity for leaders to engage with the employees. See how our workplace design experts can build a workplace design to facilitate employee engagement and retention

The office interior design for ServiceNow aims to nurture a sense of belonging at the workplace

From incidental collaboration to meaningful conversations: How can leaders bring the right hybrid workplace experience?

An excellent hybrid workplace strategy can be a magnet that brings different people together and collaborate better than ever before. Here’s how business leaders can foster a successful hybrid experience as they reimagine their offices.

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