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Modern startup office design by Space Matrix

Series B, Series C and on to the future: What funding rounds mean for tech unicorns and startup office design

When a startup receives Series B or Series C funding, how should their startup office design adapt? Find out how to develop a sound workplace strategy that leaves room for future growth and success.

Office design for workplace engagement

Space as a service: The onset of a real estate revolution

Commercial & residential areas are no longer just real estate assets and are seen more as a service that caters to the changing needs of non-traditional lifestyles. Find out more about the space-as-a-service model.

Modern satellite office design by Space Matrix

Satellite offices in China: The 4 key considerations to keep in mind

For those looking to expand their business internationally, China is the obvious choice today. A global economic giant, it is an attractive playing field for foreign investors on many counts.

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