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 post-pandemic workplace and culture will see many millennial values being adopted by the entire workforce

The post-pandemic impact on work culture: How Millennials and Gen Z are inspiring firms to address workforce concerns and spark loyalty

For several years now, employers have looked to younger employees to help workplaces evolve. In the post-pandemic workplace, the changes that they have espoused are transcending generational barriers, impacting workplace culture and sparking loyalty

The Five Point Path for the New Normal

The Five Point Path for the New Normal: Space Matrix’s longer-term design strategy prioritises the work, the worker and the workplace

Swaviman Das discusses how the Five Point Path Design Solutions for the New Normal redefines the workplace to look past the pandemic and navigates changes to address the new needs of the organisation and the workforce.

Workplace strategists will have to consider new employee concerns as they reimagine the modern office in the post-pandemic world

Returning to work: Common values emerge across the globe

Along with our new partner, IA Interior Architects, Space Matrix carried out a global survey to see what a return to the office will look like. We found that people’s responses to this trying time were remarkably similar around the globe.

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