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Technology can be linked to workplace wellbeing in a direct and definitive way.

How technology can ensure workplace wellbeing in a post-lockdown world

Technology and workplace wellbeing do not usually come together, but in the post-lockdown world, traditional wellness offerings will no longer suffice. Here are 4 major ways in which technology will shape workplace wellbeing within this new normal.

Smart city Shanghai ranks 11th among the top 20 most innovative cities in the world.

Get smart: How the government and local businesses are building smarter urban centres in China

Shanghai’s success as a smart city shows how the Chinese government and businesses are building smarter urban centres that make the best use of data and technology to offer a better quality of life to citizens and employees.

Firmenich Shanghai’s office interior was designed to industry standards

Designing a studio for Firmenich’s H Building Office to fit the needs of the job

Firmenich wanted to modernise and update its office in Shanghai from its existing traditional workplace design to better suit its work processes geared to the creation of fragrances and flavours.

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