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Retail Spaces

How technology and design innovations are elevating spatial experiences for customers: A look at retail spaces

When the internet was first opened up to the public in the early 90s, it kicked off a brand new trend – e-commerce and online shopping.


Offices of 2040: How Workplace Technology is Getting Us There

From regulating office temperatures to enabling real-time collaboration across vast geographic locations – workplace technology is way more than just data and function today. It forms the very core of modern office design.

Space Matrix's innovative use of VR in office designs

How VR is taking client experience to the next level: A Space Matrix perspective

If the year 2017 was an exciting time for technology lovers, this year promises to be even more so. For those of us in the design industry, the buzz around digital reality (DR) – the coming together of technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), immersive technologies and mixed reality (MR) – is opening up opportunities to improve the client experience, make projects more collaborative and reduce planning time.

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