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  • Cosy office design for Piramal Group in Mumbai

    Space Matrix combines luxury with homely feel in Piramal Group’s new Mumbai office

    A modern office with work zones modelled after self-sufficient Indian neighbourhoods. Luxurious interiors with elements of nature incorporated within the four walls. These are some of the standout elements of a new, integrated facility that Space Matrix, a leading office interior design and renovation firm, has designed for the Piramal Group in Mumbai.

  • Aesthetic commercial office design by Space Matrix

    1880: Changing the world, one conversation at a time

    Marc Nicholson, the man behind the members’ club 1880, has been a Singapore resident for the last 15 years. He had carried the idea of a members’ club that he wanted to create into a worldwide brand. In fact, he conceptualised the idea during his time in London in the 90s, where he was blown away with the fantastic aesthetics and business model of SoHo House.

  • Prudential's tech-enabled workspace by Space Matrix

    How Prudential Singapore created a next generation workplace to inspire innovation

    Prudential Assurance Company, one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, wanted to revamp their Singapore office. Their goal for the new workspace was to infuse their company values to create a ground-breaking, tech-enabled workspace that consistently provided breakthrough opportunities and experiences for staff, customers and distributors.

  • Space Matrix's integration of workplace technology in offices

    How IoT (Internet of things) is shaping the smart office of the future

    Imagine an office that automatically opens the door upon your arrival, adjusts the internal temperature by taking cues from the weather outside and sets the electric kettle on the boil for that morning cuppa. That is just the bare minimum that Internet of Things (IoT) can help you with at the office.

  • Modern corporate office space by Space Matrix

    Workplace design in Asia: 5 themes that will stand out in 2018

    As organisations across Asia embrace new technologies and welcome more millennials, workspaces are taking on a new hue – defined by people’s changing habits and preferences.

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