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Remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic can test a company’s adaptability

COVID-19’s impact on remote working : How adaptable is your firm?

Remote working during the COVID-19 outbreak can slow down the spread of the disease. However, they test a company’s ability to adapt to a futuristic way of working, unless it keeps some things in mind.

Smart city Shanghai ranks 11th among the top 20 most innovative cities in the world.

Get smart: How the government and local businesses are building smarter urban centres in China

Shanghai’s success as a smart city shows how the Chinese government and businesses are building smarter urban centres that make the best use of data and technology to offer a better quality of life to citizens and employees.

A diverse workforce ensures inclusivity and improves productivity

From gender equality to equality for all: How workplace policies shifted towards inclusivity and diversity

A diverse workforce helps the organisation to innovate better, come up with more creative solutions, and understand a wider section of their audience. Here’s how conversations around gender diversity have opened new doors for inclusive workspaces.

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