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Firmenich Shanghai’s office interior was designed to industry standards

Designing a studio for Firmenich’s H Building Office to fit the needs of the job

Firmenich wanted to modernise and update its office in Shanghai from its existing traditional workplace design to better suit its work processes geared to the creation of fragrances and flavours.

Space Matrix created a unique combined workspace for TNG Fintech Group Hong Kong

How TNG FinTech Group Hong Kong embraced the growing office design trend of combined workspaces

TNG Fintech Group Hong Kong wanted a modern, collaborative workspace that also supported fintech innovation. In response to this brief, Space Matrix designed a unique combined workspace which includes an office as well as a coworking space.

China's 996 culture is shifting  from a hectic work culture to an employee-focused environment

Beyond the 996: How China’s businesses are adopting workplace strategies that focus on employee well-being

As employee wellbeing and engagement become the centre stage of China's workplace culture, organisations are now designing their workplace strategy around employee well-being and engagement. See how Space Matrix is helping Chinese firms during this shift.

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