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  • Nestle’s workplace design strategy by Space Matrix

    How Nestle’s workplace design strategy successfully impact its workplace culture

    The key to workplace design is to provide pleasant and flexible spaces. Nestle being the world leader in the food and beverages domain, needed a future-ready workplace that allows its employees the capability to Contemplate, Collaborate, Communicate and Concentrate. Find out how Space Matrix provided design and build solutions for a workplace that motivates their employees to come back to work.

  • office design ideas

    Office Design strategies for a positive workplace culture

    Creating a positive work culture in an organisation has always been a priority for organisations around the globe. Organisations with strong company cultures are generally more successful and have high productivity levels. The following blog highlights the role of a well planned workplace design in developing a positive work culture in a company.

  • collaboration for employee productivity and innovation

    Why does collaboration help boost employee productivity and encourage innovation?

    With the onset of the pandemic, the working capacity, comfort and preferences of the employees have changed. Despite the comfort that working from home offers, it has created a lasting impact on professionals, making them feel disconnected and instilling in them a feeling of working in silos. Let’s find out how workplace design can combat this issue many organisations are facing while bringing their workforce back to work.

  • Legato's workplace - efficient teamwork and employee engagement with its spaces

    How Legato's workplace supports efficient teamwork and employee engagement with its spaces

    Workplace design plays an imperative role in supporting efficient teamwork. It also facilitates better employee engagement that ultimately impacts business growth. Find out how.

  • team neighborhoods in office

    Why are team neighborhoods equally important as meeting rooms?

    Gone are the days of too many closed conference rooms. Leveraging in-between spaces at the workplace for impromptu huddles and meetings is now facilitating better productivity and an atmosphere that empowers the workforce. Let’s see how workplace design plays a pivotal road in building team neighborhoods.

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