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  • Many Faces of Successful Collaboration

    Successful collaboration has many faces

    Collaboration is becoming more multi-dimensional as nature of work evolves. There is a renewed focus on different spaces that bring people together - creating a range of flexible settings that allow people to collaborate and aiding them with tools to get their work done efficiently. That’s where workplace design comes into picture to strike the perfect balance between private and open spaces so people can choose a spot that matches their working needs.

  • Work spaces to increase productivity at work

    Workplace calling - Reinstating the meaning of productivity at work after the pandemic

    The pandemic has transformed the meaning of working style and workplaces since its onset. And with employees getting back to work, organisations are keen on welcoming their workforce with spaces that align with their sense of focus - now and in the future. The answer lies in the way the workplace determines the schedule, the space and the environment of an employee - a feat achieved by the virtue of the design of the workplace.

  • workspaces encouraging new technology

    Making your workplace an experience enhancer

    The onset of the pandemic made virtual collaborations and teamwork the new normal which worked effectively against all odds. So, as employees get back to work, acclimatising them to the new surroundings is taking some doing from organisations. That’s where enhancing the employee experience at the workplace plays a pivotal role. Find out how!

  • Workplace amenities essentials in a post-pandemic world

    Workplace amenity essentials in a post-pandemic world

    There are various amenities that are now found necessary in the form of spaces that your workforce prefers after a 2-year long pandemic. These amenities and space become important in absorbing and building culture, networks, and camaraderie. Let us see how workplace design assists in providing spaces that aid in employee comfort, encourage their productivity, and enable engagement.

  • Purpose-based workplace model

    Purpose of the workplace: how the workplace has transformed

    The fundamental understanding that the purpose of workplaces has not only changed with time but more after the onset of the pandemic is critical. Let’s find out how employee expectations have changed with their changing working styles, and how organizations are catering to fulfill those.

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