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office design strategies

5 best office space design strategies for keeping employees happy and productive

If your company doesn’t have the right office environment, it can be very difficult to keep employees satisfied and motivated.

Workspace design for employee productivity

How standing desks can improve productivity

Have you ever heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”? Well, it isn’t just a hollow claim to get you on your feet. Dr. James Levine, in his work on NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), talks about how modern office workplace habits are testing our bodies, given that “we sit for 13 hours a day, sleep for 8 and move for 3.”

Co-working spaces to boost workplace engagement

Incorporating brand values and culture into the workplace

Did you know that reinforcing your company's brand values in the workplace can help boost employee satisfaction, making your team more engaged in their work? A study by Aon Hewitt revealed that employees who recognise and understand their company’s brand values are 51 times more likely to be fully engaged and this fact is further supported by Gallup, which shared that high employee engagement contributed to 21% higher productivity at work.

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