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case study


A Workplace Transformation to Reflect the New Normal

As the pandemic progressed, companies decided to revamp their workspaces by including safe distancing and other preventive measures. Find out how Space Matrix incorporated such measures by conceptualising spaces that blend the company's needs with a chic design.


Vodafone Singapore: Ready for the Future

With a focus on culture, new ways of working and integrating technology, and Vodafone's evolving brand, find out how Space Matrix enabled the smart use of space and design to improve employee productivity and efficiency.


Airbnb Experience Beijing: Experience Home Away From Home

Find out how Space Matrix created a diversified space for Airbnb in Beijing around its core values and principles - create trust, build confidence, and comfort to belong anywhere.

Bole Game Workplace

Constant State Of Flux

Designed by and for Space Matrix, [β] Lab is an amalgamation of multiple work environments that showcase and adapt to the rich diversity of talent, work styles, preferences, generations, and personalities found within the company. Find out more about the workplace of the future.


Workplace trends that are shaping the modern financial services office

Find out the recent design trends for the industry, which indicate how offices for financial services companies are evolving.

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