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3 ways Garage Society’s new office design is redefining co-working spaces

3 ways Garage Society’s new office design is redefining co-working spaces

When it comes to co-working spaces in Hong Kong, the competition is stiff with 283 such spaces. Generally, the battle has been between rising office space costs and the ability to build creative working environments. For Garage Society, they have consistently stood out from the crowd through their modern and innovative designs -- breaking away from traditional office layouts.

Now with the desire to expand their current network of co-working spaces within Asia, Garage Society set out to develop a new workspace at Beverly House Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Elaine Tsung, founder and CEO of Garage Society said, “As a shared workspace operator, we need to build spaces which are commercially effective but also visually appealing. Hence, we need a partner that understands our business needs, as well as our clients’ taste and preferences.”

Through a strategic partnership with Space Matrix, a leading office interior design and build firm, a bold design vision swiftly took shape. Consisting of hot desks, meeting rooms, an in-house cafe, breakout areas and an outdoor terrace, here are three ways the all new Garage Society redefines co-working spaces in Hong Kong.

Creating a dedicated investor hub

While startups tend to be the main occupants in co-working spaces, Garage Society wanted to provide a private space for investors and venture capitalists as well. Considering the nature of their discussions, a dedicated floor on level 2 was designed with investment firms and VCs in mind.

Divided into private suites and meeting rooms, the hub caters to holding sensitive discussions away from the noise and distractions at the open-plan work area on level 1. Along with flexible furniture on wheels, the area can be easily re-configured for different types of conversations, meetings and events -- based on expected attendance.

Introducing outdoor elements to encourage wellness

Increasingly, discussions about workplace design have been revolving around creating a space that enhances the health, well-being and productivity of occupants. Such biophilic design can also aid in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in better air quality for everyone. Taking that into consideration, a sizeable outdoor terrace formed part of the design concept for Garage Society.

Similarly, the open pantry and co-working area on level 4 is fitted with a variety of natural materials and green elements. By incorporating planters and encouraging natural light to seep through, these outdoorsy spaces provide tenants with a calming refuge to unwind when needed.

Re-imagining the pantry with cafe-style facilities

Instead of having to jostle with the lunch crowd on Hong Kong’s busy streets, Garage Society brought a chic cafe experience right into the office -- instead of a typical pantry space.

By combining the pantry and workspace area with an open plan concept, the design provides easy access to both zones. The quaint food corner further opens up to a spacious breakout area to form an alternative collaboration space for tenants and foster a stronger sense of community.

As much as the kitchen is the heart of the home, here the pantry has become the heart of the office fueling conversations and serving up barista-style coffee. By acknowledging the growing coffee shop culture, these overlap zones provide a comfortable space to eat, relax and work at the same time.

Working closely to deliver on time

Throughout the entire process, a close-working relationship was established between both teams. This helped facilitate communication and ensured everyone was on track to deliver the project within three months - from design to build.

The use of professional rendering helped Garage Society’s team better visualise the outcome of the space and suggest tweaks wherever needed. “We really appreciate the professional yet friendly Space Matrix team. Our projects are delivered on time, within budget and at solid quality,” said Tsung.

Tenants at Garage Society were just as pleased. With members that range from freelancers to international companies, SMEs, VCs and technology firms, it was imperative to design a space that would appeal to everyone and address key needs. No doubt, both staff and members are now completely at home with the space -- here they can socialise, network and collaborate with other companies and brands in a fully serviced environment.

At the end of the day, Garage Society maintained their creative persona with a workspace that’s well suited to the digitally-savvy and design-conscious population. All of which further bolsters their competitive advantage in the industry.