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Airbnb, China

Airbnb, China

Date Nov 2022
Location China
Size 20000 SF
Body Projects: 

A diversified space designed around  comfort to belong anywhere

For a brand whose ethos is to enable people to ‘belong anywhere’, how would you design their workplace to ensure their employees feel like they belong and live the brand culture? An interesting challenge put forth to us by Airbnb for their Beijing office.

To build a sense of community the design concept revolves around creating neighbourhoods based on Beijing’s traditional housing styles that come together to create private courtyards. Each of these neighbourhoods were themed based on iconic neighbourhoods and traditional parks of Beijing. The themes of these community spaces were chosen to appeal to different users and evoke different moods and emotions. 

To further create a sense of belonging and connect employees with the brand spaces that matched the company’s listings around the world were brought into being. To enable employees to feel empowered, we involved the employees in the “Employee Design Experience”  to get them  involved in their work space design, in terms of cultivating the employees’ community consciousness.

Project Highlight:: Meeting spaces in the office are modelled after actual listings in Dublin, Ubud, Sukhumvit, Ilhabela,Havana and Buenos Aires.

Airbnb Beijing won the International Property Award for Best Office Interior Design 2020-2021

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