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Caterpillar, Chennai

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Caterpillar, Chennai

Date Nov 2022
Location Chennai
Size 2,00,000 SF
Body Projects: 

Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial turbines. They wanted a design that was timeless, regal and reflected the values of the space. Our design adhered to these asks and further incorporated the local flavor to accent the space from the rusty tones of the red soil of South India to the blues of the coastal urbanscape of Chennai as accents. Carefully picked graphics further amalgamated the local elements with the timeless design.

The concept of the project evolved from the idea of a singular but wholesome Kutumb, a synthesis of multiple aspects to create one large family - One Caterpillar that brings together various facilities under a single canopy to maximize engagement & foster collaboration. Kutumb is not just a physical conglomeration but a unification of their values & principles such as integrity, commitment, excellence & teamwork. These values guide them to create, build & innovate in the industries of construction & mining.

Thus emerged a diverse workplace offering a range of choices in work settings and technology, allowing the team to select the right environment to meet the task at hand.

Project highlight: On time delivery, 10/10 Client Satisfaction survey, 1 million + Safe Man Hours

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