EPAM: Creating an innovative and collaborative workplace through office design

EPAM: Creating an innovative and collaborative workplace through office design

“Great design answers a question, offers a solution and solves a problem.”
– Dana Hughes, Founder & Editor of Yellowtrace

Often, the most challenging aspect to design is not providing the solution but determining what question you are trying to answer. And that’s what our clients look for with our design experience and expertise – to help identify the gaps and fill them in.

As a product development, digital platform engineering, and top digital and product design agency, EPAM’s global teams work in collaboration with its customers in over 25 countries around the world. Driving digital excellence across so many regions is not an easy task, but EPAM has cracked the code to success. The company’s motto is simple – value each individual employee and go the extra mile to turn every complex business challenge into a real business outcome. This helps the company maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

So when the company opened a new digital engineering centre in Hyderabad, they reached out to Space Matrix for help in creating an office design concept to spark creativity and drive innovation. Here’s how we designed the space to bring EPAM’s vision to life.

A strong focus on wellbeing

EPAM places strong importance on employee wellbeing and collaboration – and its office space reflects that. The cafeteria is a great example of how a space can be designed to promote a feeling of community and teamwork. This cafeteria is not simply where colleagues come together for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat – it’s also a space to host larger gatherings like town halls, celebrations and viewing parties for live sporting events.

We incorporated several wooden elements to give the place a warm, natural look and added bright lanterns and accent seating for a playful pop of colour. In fact, the wooden baffle ceilings and wood-panelled columns have another function too – they help control the acoustics of the room, making it suitable for when the cafeteria brings together over 300 employees for larger company events.

The recreation room, the cafeteria and the library are all located on the central level of the three-floor office, making them easily accessible for employees on every floor.

Dynamic and collaborative work areas for employees

In keeping with EPAM’s values, we wanted to create a space that would cater to the needs of employees, individually and as a team. We designed an open work area that’s divided into smaller ‘neighbourhoods’ for each team.

Each neighbourhood consists of several workstations and collaborative spaces. From our initial conversations with EPAM employees, we learned that the majority of teams rely on brainstorming sessions and in-person discussions to further their work. To encourage this collaboration, these neighbourhoods are sectioned off with movable screens that also serve as writing walls. So when an employee or team needs some privacy, they can move the screen to create a semi-enclosed space and then open the area up again. 

We also included small meeting pods in each neighbourhood for teams to have fully private discussions. Designed to look like islands throughout the open work area, each pod is surrounded by glazed partitions instead of solid walls. This affords enough privacy without compromising the openness of the space.

Visual reminders of brand identity

The top floor of the office houses the boardrooms, client-facing areas, various VIP and interview rooms, and The Garage, which is EPAM’s innovation lab. Customers and guests who come to the office arrive here first when they visit. EPAM’s brand is incorporated into the design to enable any visitor to immediately recognize the logo and brand colours. The main reception area features stunning, hand-painted artwork of Indian monuments to represent engineering excellence.

The hallways and sitting areas throughout the office feature 3D installations, thread work and anamorphic graphics with words that capture EPAM’s culture and values, like ‘perspective’ and ‘dynamic’. As a nod to the company’s value of creativity, an interactive magnetic wall enables people to create origami artwork.

These are just a few ways in which we helped EPAM stand out with its design strategy. Wondering how you can better optimise your workspace? Reach out to us for a consultation.