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Guardian Life, Chennai

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Guardian Life, Chennai

Date Nov 2022
Location Chennai
Size 37000 SF
Body Projects: 

Guardian Life is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the world. that supports insurance benefits that help protect people and inspire their well-being. For its Chennai project, Guardian Life wanted to implement modern design standards to support agile working and collaboration. A space that would offer choice to employees, represent brand and culture, support collaboration and inspire engagement; integrating advanced technology in a comfortable, people-centred environment was key.

Our vision for Guardian Life was to build a more open-plan setting. That included phone booths and separation planters that offer flexible areas for focused work. Versatile arrangements that support diverse individual and collective needs, including team-based agile neighbourhoods. The new open-plan office encourages employees to pursue common goals through collaboration with a large pantry, interaction areas, and playful facilities.

Together, these spaces provide an environment that brings together experts with varied backgrounds to respond to clients' requests with a holistic multidisciplinary approach.

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