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Netflix, Mumbai

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Netflix, Mumbai

Date Nov 2022
Location Mumbai. India
Size 50000 SF
Body Projects: 

Passage to India - A tour of Netflix’s biggest post production studio

India being the largest growing market for Netflix, it became an obvious choice to be the home for their biggest post production studio in the world. An extremely passionate project for Netflix with a vision to create a space that encourages creativity and co-working as well as attracts top talent whilst imbibing India in its true essence.

Done by our experts through outlining a workplace strategy to create a design that exudes warm modernism at human scale blurring the distinction between work and social areas. The design excerpts focused on creating a stimulative experience and a vibe that feels timeless and natural. The raw nature of an array of materials that are indigenous to India became the hero elements for the design, truly bringing the vernacular nature in its undisguised form in a modern setup.

We balanced the space with a series of playful meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, focused areas and seating options to promote innovation.

This project is our statement of belief that modernism has the latent capacity to convey warmth and to engage the users in an experience filled with profound emotional meaning.

Project Highlight: It has 40 state-of-the-art edits that are meant to cater to the entire Asia Pacific region.

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