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SCOR, Singapore

Date Nov 2023
Location Singapore
Size 20000 SF
Body Projects: 

In the post-pandemic landscape, SCOR, the client, faced a multifaceted challenge in reimagining their workplace to adapt to the evolving needs and expectations of their workforce. The objectives set forth were centred on not only bringing people back to work or attracting top talent but also on activating the workplace as a people connector, enhancing their OneSCOR culture, driving creativity and innovation, and promoting holistic wellness and wellbeing. To tackle this complex challenge, Space Matrix employed design thinking and conducted in-depth exercises such as visioning and focus groups to gain valuable insights and set the foundation for the design solution. The key drivers that emerged were adaptability, self-direction, security, technology, and changing behaviors, all of which influenced the approach to creating a resilient and user-centric workspace.

Collaborating closely with SCOR, our team formulated a design solution that addressed the diverse needs of the organization and its employees. The focus was on cultivating a dynamic and adaptable landscape that seamlessly integrated mindfulness, inclusion, technology, and innovation. The goal was to foster meaningful interactions, encourage agility in thinking, and support collaboration and focus.

To promote collaboration, our design solution included a wide variety of 'we' work settings tailored to accommodate different personas and facilitate effective teamwork. This shift from traditional 'work = desk' and 'meeting = room' concepts to an experience-based design approach placed emphasis on the user's experience, performance, and overall well-being. By creating a more agile mindset, the new space types encouraged collaboration and strengthened connections among employees.

Additionally, our design solution also offered an extensive range of 'me' work settings to support focused work. These spaces were thoughtfully designed with fixed technology to dictate the type and size of furniture, ensuring optimal productivity for individual tasks.

The integration of both 'we' and 'me' work settings allowed SCOR to cater to the diverse requirements of its workforce. The emphasis on collaboration while providing spaces for individual focus work helped strike the right balance in the new office environment.

By partnering with Space Matrix, SCOR successfully achieved its objective of creating a workspace that fosters collaboration, enhances employee experience, and drives innovation. The flexible and adaptable design solution catered to SCOR's diverse workstyles and promoted connection and collaboration among employees.

The redesigned workplace now reflects SCOR's OneSCOR culture, where employees feel empowered to work autonomously while being part of a collaborative and supportive community. The thoughtful integration of mindfulness, technology, and innovation has led to an agile mindset among the workforce, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and creativity.

Overall, SCOR's new workspace is a testament to the power of design thinking and a user-centric approach. It has transformed the traditional workplace into a dynamic and interactive environment that supports SCOR's vision and values, attracts and retains talent, and fosters a sense of unity and purpose among its employees.

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