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Service Now

Service Now

Date Nov 2022
Location Hyderabad, India
Size 82,000 SF
Body Projects: 

ServiceNow is a software company that specializes in developing cloud based platforms to help companies manage digital workflows. Establishing their first campus in Hyderabad, the main goal was to affirm its vision by creating the utmost elevated experience - open and collaborative, client-focused and unexpectedly progressiveand imbibe the brand culture and values into the users. These particular aspects paved the way to visualize a concept that  would focus mainly on brand representation and also to enrich the working lifestyle of the user. The main tagline which is “make work, work better for people” inspires us to create a space which would make the workplace work better for its users.

Reflecting the nature of the firm’s passion, expertise and ethos we translated the same into a built form using the concept of levels and surfaces in nature via naturally occurring platforms . The new workspace features various platforms across the design  that create new experiences that uplift the user experience and provides an area to collaborate, evolve and learn, to create spaces that increase efficiency and accessibility leaving the mind free to explore, innovate and grow, transform the space to adapt and flex to the ways of working of the user, intuitiveness to local culture that reflects upon the vibrant historical legacy of the city and its rich cultural heritage, values and to create innovation as the core driver of growth, performance and valuation, thus, providing a platform for all fields of innovation and studies. All these platforms are connected together to provide a brand centric employee experience. These would be platforms that encourage connectivity and add dynamism to the space, platforms that highlight zones, platforms that fosters collaboration. The space that is formulated through these platforms would be unique in nature  that cater to growth, collaboration and innovation to which the user would intuitively connect to the essence of the company.

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