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Shagufta Anurag

It took extraordinary drive and passion, as well as hard work for Shagufta, the Founder of Space Matrix, to build up a company that began in 2001 so that today it is recognised as one of the top 10 workplace design firms in the world. From its beginnings, working from a small shophouse in Singapore, she pushed the company’s phenomenal growth to encompass offices in Australia, China, India, Singapore, and the United States.

This success comes from a solid foundation of attracting high-performance talent from across the region, which has consistently delivered high-quality performance and client satisfaction. Shagufta is the driving force behind all aspects of design, strategy, quality, and validation of the company’s building and interior design practice. She also spearheads the company’s knowledge and research-based initiatives for workplace innovation.

Shagufta’s philosophy, which permeates the Space Matrix approach to design, is to capture the spatial matrix by understanding the customer’s business strategy, culture, and branding requirements and then translating them into intuitive, functional, productive and creative work environments.

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