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Stanza Living, Gurgaon

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Stanza Living, Gurgaon

Date Nov 2022
Location Gurgaon, India
Size 36600 SF
Body Projects: 

Is there still a difference between Live, Work and Play?

For a fast growing start-up with an evolving business, client base and brand, how can the workplace be a reflection of their journey while aiding organisation culture and creating a sense of belonging for their employees?

Our vision for Stanza Living’s new workplace was to build a flourishing community realise the goals set for the workplace. A Therefore at the core of space planning was vertical campus that provided connectivity from within. Elements of Stanza’s work have been integrated into the space for example a scaled version of the property experience is created for the employees to experience the #lifeatstanza and external stakeholders alike. To create a sense of belonging it is essential for employees to feel a part of the company, particularly in a new age start-up, to get insight into the role they play in the growth and development of the business. We designed a a running ticker that maps realtime milestone achievement in the central space for maximum visibility and impact.

To create a buzz and infuse life in the workplace of a young brand, the floorplate has a central work cafe that serves as a micro level community space.

Project Highlight: The space has been designed to unify and strengthen the bond between teams, work cafes that blend the lines between work and fun, refreshing and rejuvenating breakout areas and most important gives one that feeling of home.

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