Nissan Digital's workspace created by Space Matrix

Stop and stare: How Nissan Digital’s International Hub wows with its workspace design strategy

Stop and stare: How Nissan Digital’s International Hub wows with its workspace design strategy

With increasing demands for intelligent, sustainable and autonomous vehicles, the automotive industry is going through a rapid evolution. As an industry trailblazer, Nissan has positioned itself at the head of this change.

In fact, Nissan’s plan for spearheading innovation is a long-term one. To enable a massive digital technology transformation, Nissan recently set up a global digital base in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This international hub will let the company provide cutting-edge user experiences, improve its product development capabilities and sharpen its focus on automobile security and connectivity.



While the hub was housed in Technopark, Nissan reached out to us to help them create a permanent workspace in the city. Right from the offset, we knew that this was to be no ordinary workspace — we needed to pull out all stops with the design. Here’s why:

  1. This digital hub marks the arrival of the first international brand in Kerala.
  2. It will set the tone for multiple software and information technology development centres in Asia, Europe and North America.
  3. The workforce using this hub would be wholly made up of millennials.

Thus, the design of this ground-breaking hub had to be anything but traditional. Rather than going for one statement design element, we decided to incorporate wow factors in each area of the office.

The 5 wow factors in the Nissan Digital hub

1.  Reception Area

The reception area is always a space with infinite possibilities. It can function as a gorgeous welcome area for visitors; it can be used to display what’s new with the brand; it can be a great space to showcase the company’s core brand values. At the Nissan Digital Hub, the reception area does all three.



On entering the space, one of the first things visitors will see is a stunning full height pillar that glows from within. Decorated with beautiful illuminated patterns, the pillar exudes a magical charm that immediately draws the eye to it. Right next to the pillar, one will see a rotating car platform where the newest innovations from Nissan are displayed. With a gorgeous wood finish, this is yet another eye-catching element in the reception area.



Enabling sustainable mobility is one of Nissan’s greatest aims, and paying homage to this eco-friendly commitment, is a full-length green wall at the back of the reception area. This green wall offers an added depth to the space and gives it a warm, earthy vibe.

2.  Meeting areas



Instead of traditional meeting rooms, the Nissan Digital Hub features multiple stylish meeting spaces that wow visitors with their design. The formal board room is attractively designed in dark neutrals and features geometric acoustic panels on the walls. At the centre of this room is a striking wishbone-shaped conference table that seats 20 people at a time.



The smaller meeting rooms, too, are all designed to impress, with lush green walls, cool hexagonal acoustic panels and bright accent furniture. They are fully equipped with video conferencing facilities. Apart from these, there are a host of glass-walled interview rooms that afford enough privacy without being visually cut off from the rest of the office. For more casual discussions, we have cosy armchairs, stools and coffee tables placed strategically around the space.

3. Mediascape room



Across the floor space, one will see an interesting circular structure, enveloped in greenery. This is the mediascape room, where up to 10 employees can meet for video presentations and teleconferences.

Biophilic design elements are used to give this glass-walled lounge a multi-sensory, aesthetic appeal. Long trellises of greenery drape the wooden ceiling and hang down the sides of the room. The lounge is surrounded by a little stream of flowing water, which adds to its serenity. The room is designed to let in natural sunlight, and also has subtle, soothing lights fitted in concentric circles along the ceiling. The bench-like seating arrangement inside exudes a cool, playful vibe that is in keeping with the natural aesthetic of the space.

4.  Collaboration areas

Given that the Nissan Digital Hub is made up of an entirely millennial workforce, it was important to factor in enough spaces for impromptu discussions. We wanted to ensure that these casual collaboration areas were as eye-catching as the rest of the office.



We built a cool step-seating area, stretched across a wide, 950-square-feet space. The steps are made of bright, polished wood and feature comfortable cushions in vibrant colours. The exposed white brick wall surrounding this area flaunts a unique installation of a car made from bent wire.



Right next to this is a collaboration pocket shaped like a mesh cocoon. The attractive, curved structure has comfy sofas and upholstered chairs inside, making this the perfect retreat for a quick team meeting. The bright rug and the soft orb lighting adds extra visual appeal to this space.



The mezzanine executive lounge is yet another great collaboration nook. Suspended between two floors, this level offers an exciting 120-degree view of the workstation area below. One entire side of this mezzanine level is covered in greenery, which carries forward the cosy, nature-inspired design of the office interiors.

5. Café



This brings us to the buzzing heart of any modern office — the cafeteria. The café at Nissan Digital Hub fulfils two important purposes. It can be used as an informal hangout space for colleagues to eat and chat, but it also has a collaboration niche for focussed work or one-on-one meetings.

With wooden accents and soft lighting, this café area has many eye-catching features. On one side, the wall is designed in the form of parabolic waves, and there are cushioned armchairs, upholstered pouffes and even high bar stools at the counter.



On the other side, there are cosy hut-like wooden booths with colourful seats. These booths are acoustically designed, making them ideal for getting some work done.

The space is made welcoming with biophilic elements too — tendrils of greenery are draped behind these huts and there is a striking hanging structure suspended just above the counter, which houses potted plants and adds extra visual interest.

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