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Verizon, Hyderabad

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Verizon, Hyderabad

Date Nov 2022
Location Hyderabad, India
Size 72000 SF
Body Projects: 

Building resilience in uncertain times by building flourishing community

Verizon, the second largest American Telecommunications company, challenged us at the very onset of the pandemic, a time when nobody knew what would lie ahead, to build a resilient workplace that would thrive in even the volatile unpredictable times.

In the absence of any insights, we carved out a design process by exploring and understanding the shift in business and the impact on its people. The key insights that emerged led to a design that enabled building a flourishing community.

The design strategy extends a diverse office environment that offers comfort and functionality to all the employees with a whole new thinking philosophy around collaboration. The intent of building of a tight knit community is reflected in the planning through the principles of flexibility and agility, in the choice of materials, color palette and the overlay of technology to create a versatile workplace.

Thus emerged a design that can continue to evolve with the business and its people.

Project Highlight: Verizon saw an extremely high back-to-work rate post their workplace reboot early on in the days of pandemic

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