Linkedin, the largest online social media network for professionals was moving offices in Bangalore. Their new office would cater to their expansion in headcount and allow for the opportunity to create a workspace in sync with their new global standards, culture and values.

The work stations for LinkedIn are custom designed by Space Matrix in collaboration with Bristol to provide high level of agility in the primary work area. The height of the desk-top and side partitions can be adjusted providing immense flexibility to the end user. One can chose to surround themselves with the partitions to create an immersive work environment for focused work or adjust them to their lowest height to do collaborative work as a team.

Space Matrix created self-sufficient neighbourhoods that articulated the core values & innovative work ethic of LinkedIn. Each unique neighborhood a destination and yet complete in itself equipped with the an array of spaces - personal desks, phone booths, meeting rooms, break out spaces etc. These neighborhoods are interconnected with collaboration hubs called project corridors with eclectic themes which are fun, thought provoking and extremely comfortable.
Common facilities like cafeteria, pantries, medical room, game rooms, music room, gym etc. are planned to be accessed by the entire staff. Spaces are designed to provide the employees a well rounded day at office.

What was our biggest challenge?

Space Matrix’’s workplace strategy team established the functional and spatial needs of the new office through discovery process. The main outcomes were as below -

  1. Primary work area ranged from quiet focus to collaboration
  2. The primary work area should have flexibility to accommodate small team huddles ad hoc
  3. Heavy use of small meeting rooms, phone booths etc.
  4. Occasionally used medium and large meeting rooms needed to be equipped with online collaboration tools.
  5. Technical and activity based learning spaces
  6. Social Spaces

Q & A
What makes this project unique?
The office feels like an immersive environment with a lot of amenities to give an employee a balanced work-life experience. The colorful & eclectic design takes you from one spatial experience to another - all of which is very diverse however woven together by a common thread that reinforces LinkedIn’s brand identity and its culture.