Omnicom Group Inc. is an American global media, marketing and corporate communications holding company, headquartered in New York City. Omnicom's branded networks and specialty firms provide services in four disciplines: advertising, customer relationship management, public relations and specialty services.

Omnicom's move to a new office was triggered by growth in employee headcount. Driven by technological developments, evolving consumer habits, and cost pressures, clients were increasingly seeking unified, best-in-class teams that can work across disciplines and agencies.

What was the biggest challenge?

Before the new unified office was designed, the teams were split across different floors in a different building. Omnicom wanted to consolidate all employees into one integrated office space to foster collaboration and build a stronger team culture. The new office design needed to enable closer integration across back-, middle-, and front-office capabilities while retaining the brand identity of individual agencies PHD and OMD; and encourage all employees to play a more active role in day-to-day strategic operations. The office also previously had a more traditional layout with enclosed offices for senior management.

Our Solution

Space Matrix wanted to design a space for our clients that challenged their traditional work styles and influenced interaction and brand identity. The new layout thus had an open office concept with open desks and more space for collaborations. We eliminated all cubicles and reduced workstation sizes to accommodate north of 300 employees from the current headcount of 250. Common areas like the pantry were flexible and could double up as a town hall area and informal meeting spots.

What was the “WOW DESIGN FEATURE” for our client in this project?

To highlight the energetic, funky and creative brand personality of PHD, a feature wall - a green wall and ceiling paired with customised neon signage - was constructed together with geometric wooden trellises to form a visually stimulating, branded corridor. Biophilia also brings colour, joy and freshness into any room. Since it brings nature indoors, it brings good vibes indoors.


We used the following guidelines to turn a 23,000 square feet space into a contemporary workspace for over 300 people combining two distinct spaces of different feels.

The final output was a modern office with work zones modelled after self-sufficient branded neighbourhoods with their own distinct artistic and colourful personalities, tastefully integrated together in a unified workspace using a neutral, industrial chic palette of grey, earthy brown, black and white.

  • Reception - As the first shared connection to users and guests, the reception had to be hospitable and warm but designed with a unique flair to create a memorable experience. The reception acted as a transition space, in line with the concept of bringing the outdoors inside.
  • Work Zones - Each work zone (PHD, OMD and OMG) followed the concepts of individual branded neighbourhoods. Each cluster (neighbourhood) had collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, and storage units that cater to each team’s requirements. And in between these clusters, there were spaces where employees could socialise in a comfortable, quirky and relaxing environment that reminds them of home, with eye-catching, eclectic chic furniture to capture their attention.
  • Meeting rooms, pantries - The workstations and shared meeting spaces faced the glazing side to maximise natural light. To incorporate nature, we provided green walls, potted plants, space on top of the storage units in the aisles for planters and used plants in open boxes for the work area / work neighbourhood dividers. The reception areas for OMG and PHD also included massive green walls for an added biophilic and aesthetically pleasing effect. The pantry area could also double up as a townhall area and hold events with up to 180-200 people standing. The meeting rooms are all decked out with different lighting, furniture, wall and floor coverings to bring different types of inspiration to users of the space daily, and to wow guests.
  • Reduced workstation sizes and elimination of cubicles - Space Matrix proposed more of an open office concept, with open desks, reducing workstation sizes and eliminating cubicles. We proposed monitor arms to free up desk space, and more screens so employees could more effectively present to clients.
  • Collaboration spaces - These acted as natural dividers between the three neighbourhoods. A neutral, earthy and contemporary industrial palette was incorporated into the design of OMG’s new office, to create a backdrop that would pair nicely with vibrant accent colours such as red, yellow, deep blue or pink, which inject some fun and energy into the workplace as a welcome contrast. This helped to showcase OMG as a dynamic, creative and on-trend company.

    The end result is an expansive office with zones that are clearly defined but well integrated into the whole workplace. It is an office in which employees can work, play and socialise in a contemporary, relaxed environment.