Ascendas-Singbridge Group is Asia’s leading sustainable urban and business space solutions provider.

With the global rise of coworking, Ascendas sees the benefit of creating coworking facilities within their existing office developments that will offer their tenants meeting spaces, events spaces and additional room to grow if needed.

Space Matrix was engaged in helping them design a new flexible workplace facility called Bridge+ at Ascendas Innovation Place in Shanghai.

What was the biggest challenge?

The goal of our client's Executive Team in Singapore was to build and develop a coworking model in Shanghai using the flagship model in Singapore as its benchmark. The challenge faced by the design team was to fully understand how the local Shanghai stakeholders perceived the Singapore model would work in the local Shanghai context.

The Solution

The overall master plan of the office combines traits of an agile workplace with coworking requirements. It also considers the needs and growth potential for the end user. As part of the design, the space features interconnecting doors to private suites. These make room for small companies to expand and offer larger companies the option of getting dedicated wings for added privacy, while still sharing the common areas. The space has been designed so that all users will have the same experience whether they’re a small micro company or part of a larger organisation.

What makes this Project Unique?

What makes this property uniquely collaborative is a three-floor open volume staircase connecting all levels of the coworking facility. The first and second floor is built to offer extended services, including a gym and several food and beverage outlets. These amenities are made available to members, tenants of Ascendas Place, and the local community.