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Legato, Bangalore

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Legato, Bangalore

Date Nov 2022
Location Bangalore, India
Size 500000 SF
Body Projects: 

Building social capital through the workplace

A long standing symbol that specializes in digital transformation and defines the future of healthcare technology, Legato turned to us to conceptualize a state-of-the-art-workspace that upholds their culture of diversity and inclusion, amalgamates latest technologies, focuses on sustainability and pays homage to local craftsmanship.

Our experts charted a workplace strategy that steers flexibility and agility into the company culture while investing in the right workplace technology to build an office experience that keeps future growth in mind and is a cohesive ecosystem that caters to the requisite of every user. Every nook and corner is meticulously thought of and reflects the company’s culture and values in the very high-performing, employee-focused workspace. The office features a hospitality-focused entry zone, a large work cafe, a variety of meeting rooms, and open office space, completed with pockets of flexible collaboration zones making it extremely choice-driven whilst keeping in mind the modern workday requirements.

Project Highlight:: Our long standing relationship with Legato has resulted in us designing one frontier to another totaling 823000 SF in area.

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